John Harris is one of Britain`s few full time professional Storytellers, and the only one who works exclusively with younger audiences.

He tells cryptocurrency traders south africa a huge range of stories - at the last count there were well over 300 in his head and he`s always researching, creating and developing more. They come from all over the world and range from truly ancient tales that are thousands of years old right through to something that happened last week. He also tells quite a few of his own.

Nowadays John works bitcoin trader south africa mostly in schools and libraries but he has also told stories in theatres, arts centres, pupil referral units, young offenders institutions, pubs, clubs and shopping centres. Wherever he tells his stories the single word most often used in response to his work is ‘spellbinding’ - when you hear him for yourself you`ll know why. Most of his bookings are either return visits or the result of recommendations.

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